Hire Immigrants

Currently, Hire Immigrants (hireimmigrants.ca) is a national, single point of entry to increase Canadian employer awareness of the value of immigrant skills and immigration to their business. It provides them with practical tips and tools to benefit from immigrant talent.

It is now being re-conceptualized and reimagined as a global resource accessible not only to local, national and global employers, but also to institutions, governments, academics, non-governmental organizations and policy makers globally.

It will focus on “what works” in immigrant employment, be it through policy, practice or legislation and regulations. It will be local, national and international in scope. It will go beyond formal employment to the large and expanding field of immigrant entrepreneurship and business growth, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In addition to highly skilled immigrants – a current focus – Hire Immigrantswill now also focus on the employment potential and labour market integration of immigrants in trades and lower-skilled occupations, permanent and temporary.

By profiling good (replicable) practices, analyzing policy across jurisdictions, tracking and analyzing labour market trends and ideas, and convening, Hire Immigrants will be a global hub for useful practice, policies, research, debate and ideas on leveraging immigrant skills and immigration for businesses and the economy.

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