Evidence-based and solution-seeking, GDX programs seek to close the opportunity gap experienced by many newcomers to our cities and countries. Research and experience tells us that immigrant success is all too often stymied by barriers to participation and the artificial poverty of exclusion.  GDX programs seek to unlock the unrealized potential of immigrant skill and talent, by connecting people to solutions and working strategically to collapse natural timelines so we can accelerate together towards the goal of shared prosperity.

GDX Programs include:

Hire ImmigrantsProfiles “what works” in immigrant employment worldwide, enabling businesses to source, select, develop and include immigrants as creative contributors to the workforce. Our primary platform is, an international resource.

DiverseCity OnBoard: Equips diverse candidates to take their place on the boards of not for profit and public institutions in the largest cities in Canada, and share our experience with an emerging international community of practice.

Cities of Migration: Showcases promising practices and policy innovation in major cities of migration around the world, taking local successes to global movements of change.

Flight & FreedomTransforms complex refugee issues and policies into human stories using in-depth interviews, analysis and storytelling.